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Welcome to Eye Connexion, your premier destination for comprehensive eye care and stylish eyewear in the heart of Surrey Heath. At Eye Connexion, we believe that clear vision is not just about seeing better; it's about living better. Our commitment to enhancing your lifestyle through superior eye care is what sets us apart.

As a leading eye care practice in UK, we understand that your eyesight plays a pivotal role in your daily life, impacting everything from your work to your hobbies, and even your fashion choices. With this in mind, we offer a unique blend of cutting-edge optical technology, expert eye care services, and a curated selection of fashionable eyewear to cater to your individual style and needs.

Eye Connexion: Where Vision Meets Lifestyle Excellence

Experience the difference at Eye Connexion, where vision meets style, and lifestyle meets eye care excellence. Your journey to clearer, more stylish vision starts here.

Do you suffer from night-time driving glare?

At Eye Connexion, we have a solution. Enroute driving lenses are specially designed with technologies to make your driving experience more comfortable.

  • Reducing glare from oncoming traffic, lights and reflections on the road
  • Better visibility with more contrast at night
  • More stable image perception
  • Giving you clarity of vision from dashboard to the road

Book an appointment today to discuss how Enroute driving lenses could help you.

Our Blog

  1. Exploring the world of advanced eye test blog

    Exploring the World of Advanced Eye Tests: Enhancing Vision with Cutting-Edge Technology

    In the evolving world of eye care, advanced eye tests have opened up new possibilities for enhancing vision using cutting-edge technology. From traditional eye exams to highly specialized diagnostics, these tests go beyond standard procedures to provide a more comprehensive understanding of eye health.
  2. Night Driving Glasses

    Do you suffer from night driving glare?

    Tired of night driving glare? Eye Connexion introduces anti-glare prescription driving glasses fitted with Hoya Enroute lenses. These lenses reduce glare, improve visibility, and offer stable image perception. Seamlessly transition between the road and dashboard with superior clarity. Experience safer and more comfortable night drives—schedule your appointment here or call 01276 511322. Invest in driving comfort with EnRoute lenses from Eye Connexion.


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