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Standard Eye Test

The best eye test you can get in Frimley

A standard eye test is important for everyone, young and old to check your sight, changes in your vision, detect any underlying health issues or conditions.

Eye sight is the most important sense we have and we perceive up to 80% of all our impressions by way of our sight. With our modern day lifestyle, daily and in some cases excessive use of computers and digital devices means that our eyes are under constant pressure. This can lead to severe eye health issues. Hence, even if you do not wear glasses, we recommend going for a routine eye exam on regular basis. Our eyecare professional will advise you on the frequency of the eye test.

What To Expect During A Standard Eye Test

Our Standard Eye Test will take approximately 45 minutes and typically includes:

Pretest: Our staff will initiate the Standard Eye Test by taking your eye pressure and fundus image.

Consultation: A detailed eye examination is carried out by our experienced optometrist. This will include:

  • Symptoms and history
  • Slit Lamp exam
  • Fundus exam
  • Refraction
  • Oculomotor balance test as required

Results: Our optometrist will discuss the results with you and go through the fundus picture answer any questions you may have. You will receive a copy of your prescription at the end of the eye test.

Advice: We will offer advice on your glasses and your eye health by discussing lifestyle, workplace, diet, sleep, etc. This may result in us carrying out further tests or we may recommend you to upgrade to an Advanced Eye Test or we may refer you on if necessary.

When to Get a Standard Eye Test?

Everyone should get a Standard Eye Test even if they do not wear glasses.

Eyes are often neglected unless you wear glasses. We recommend that you should go for regular eye exams even if you don't wear glasses. This is how you can catch early signs of health issues.

The general guideline on how often you should get an eye test is given below. However, our eyecare professional will advise you on the frequency of the eye exam based on your age, medical and family history.

20 to 29 years old - every 5 years
30 to 54 years old - every 2 to 4 years
55 to 64 years old - every 1 to 3 years
65 years old & above - every 1 to 2 years

You should get an eye test if:

  • your job requires you to use a computer all day long
  • you are at high risk because you have glaucoma in your family or if you are diabetic
  • you wear contact lenses
  • you have had eye surgery in the past
  • you are experiencing headaches or blurry vision when using the computer
  • you have difficulty reading the road signs
  • you have allergies and your eyes become itchy and red

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