Lifestyle and Preventative Eye Care

As lifestyle eyecare practice, Eye Connexion incorporates a holistic approach in helping patients preserve and look after their eye health.  In addition to a standard technical eye test, our lifestyle eyecare services will bring in advice on sleep, diet, nutrition, mental health, and more.

Dry Eye Assessment

includes a thorough tear film assessment followed by dry eye management plan including a review of diet, sleep, DSE usage, general health and wellbeing.

Myopia Management

helping young short-sighted children slow down the progression of myopia through the use of specialist contact lenses, specialist glasses and lifestyle advice.

Children Eye Examination

we are able to test the eyes of children as young as 3 years old giving parents a peace of mind on their children’s visual development. Any pathology / anomaly can be caught early and corrected in time.

Vision Preservation

with the help of advance AI technology (OCT and Optomap), we are able to quantify and monitor the progress of eye health / eye diseases.  This technology is only available at selected opticians. It reduces unnecessary hospital visits and arms the patient with a good understanding of their eye health.

DSE / Display Screen Equipment

all our eyecare professionals give DSE advice regarding the usage of various screens, working distance, time, lighting and DSE workstation arrangements.

Low Vision Aid

We aim to help our low vision patients with giving them options on spectacles, lighting, magnifiers and sign-post them to the relevant authorities and charities that can help them with their disability.

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